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Kumu Hula

The hālau is  led under the direction of Kumu Hula Keoni Napueokia'iokalehuakuikalani Chang, who since its inception has been studying under the tutelage of Kumu Hula Nahokuokalani Gaspang. The hula lineage goes beyond Kumu Hula George Lanakilakekiahiali'i Na'ope. Uncle George was mentored and taught by many Kumu Hula, including his mother, and became the bridge of hula masters from the past to the present. Uncle George was also a recipient of knowledge and 'ike of many Kumu Hula, including Joseph Ilala'ole, Iolani Luahine, Lokalia Montgomery, and Tom Hiona. Uncle George was passionate about teaching hula and in 1978 presented his first `uniki of students, including Rae Kahikilaulani Fonseca to Kumu Hula. For many years Kumu Rae taught in Hilo and passed down his hula knowledge and teachings to many of his students. A few years prior to his passing, Kumu Rae held his first 'uniki of students to Kumu Hula  including Nahokuokalani Gaspang who was with him from the very beginning. Kumu Hula Nahokuokalani Gaspang leads and directs Halau Hula O Kahikilaulani of Hilo. She continues to pass down her knowledge of the hula by teaching, guiding and mentoring Keoni.


Hula Lineage

Photo of Kumu Hula Keoni Chang
Photo of Kumu Keoni and Kumu Nahoku

Kumu Keoni and Kumu Nahoku

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Hālau Nā Pua Lehua I  Ka Ua Noe

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