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"A big thank you. My mother is still talking about how wonderful everything was, including the kids in the show -

It really made an impression on her. Thank you and see you around Chino Hills."  


L. Adams

"This is a great place to learn Hawaiian dances, songs, history, language, and experience the aloha spirit that lives within each of the instructors and families that attends. Everyone is treated as ohana here."  


R. Arcega

"Wonderful Performance! Thank you for being part of the 

Rising Tide Fundraiser for childcare and development. I, and so many others, loved the music, dances, costumes, and presentation. Loved it! Thanks and God Bless."  


R. Law

"The atmosphere in this halau is truly amazing. You can feel the warmth and aloha. Kumu Keoni and his leaders genuinely care about their students and show a lot concern in helping them understand the mo'olelo and culture of the Hawaiian people. It is not only a dance studio, but also a school of learning."


                                                                                                MK P

Our son started hula lessons in the young boys group about a month ago and he LOVES it here. The teachers, parents and other boys in his group are so friendly and encouraging. We felt like part of the family since our son's first class. Our son is only 3, so he's the youngest in the class and needs a little extra attention (I believe the next youngest is 5 or 6). The teachers and boys in his group are extremely patient and always take the time to show him the proper steps and actions in their routines.

My wife and I also appreciate that this place offers more than just dance lessons. Everyone learns the language, learns about the culture and history, AND each session begins and ends with a prayer in the native language. 

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get hula lessons! They have child and adult classes throughout the week to accommodate everyone's busy schedules."

Kenny L

"I love the people at this halau, it truly feels like a family. The cool part is that in addition to learning hula, we also get to learn about the culture, language, and try other Polynesian dances. You can even go to any of the classes throughout the week, regardless of what class you are categorized in. I have an inconsistent work schedule, so having the freedom to go to any class is nice. They have fun workshops throughout the year where we get to learn lei making, the hawaiian language, costumes, leadership, and more! At first I was intimidated by such good dancers, but they all welcomed me with open arms, and now I feel like a part of the family. I highly recommend checking it out :)"

J Chi

"My son was hesitant to do hula at first, but after the first day he loved it. Everyone was so welcoming and made us feel right at home. Even though he's only been here for a few months he's already learned so much and gained so many new friends. I can't wait until he's able to join competition."

Jaime F

"Aloha aku, aloha mai, aloha e...
I always look forward to coming to the hālau to learn, sweat, laugh, and experience aloha!  
Mahalo to all the folks at Hālau Nā Pua Lehua I Ka Ua Noe for all they do for my ohana and me."

Iris P

"I started dancing at this hula studio about 2 months ago. I have not danced hula before, but did dance modern and had some classical training when I was younger and I have always been drawn to Polynesian culture and Hawaiian dance. 

What I love about this studio is that our Kumu (teacher) doesn't just teach us dances for the sake of competing. They are defending hula champions because Kumu and our elders are diligent in teaching us the values and true essence of the Hula. During class, we say our traditional Hawaiian prayers, we meditate, work on Hawaiian vocabularly and then we finally get to dancing. The reason for this is that our Kumu believes that need to master the basics of Hula and know why we dance in order to dance well. By the time we learn our dances, we are properly equipped with the meaning of our songs and we can dance from our hearts and our bodies. 

My son, who is turning 4 soon, also dances at this studio and although he is quite squirrely, they are very patient with him and he enjoys it so much. 

If you are looking to start dancing or have your kids join, the warmth and the Aloha here is tangible. I highly recommend taking your first free class."

Lindy B

"Our daughter has been dancing here for a couple of years now. What a gift and a blessing the Halau has been to us.  Ohana.  We have gained a beautiful family through this school along with priceless lessons and teachings in the ancient art of hula. Tradition, culture, language, family. It's all there and more."


                                                                           Chrissy E.

"I am deeply grateful to you and Kumu for helping my friend on such short notice. We have a truly good group of wonderful people under your wings. I will cherish the time I can come to soak in the beauty, grace and depth of the dances and the brotherhood/sisterhood forged among your wards."                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                  C. Stoehr

"Though it is a school for hula, the halau has become my second home, and the haumana my family. I have been dancing for almost 9 years now and not once has stopping crossed my mind. Kumu Keoni, Auntie Jen, and the leaders make Halau Na Pua Lehua I Ka Ua Noe a very welcoming and comfortable place for anyone who walks through the doors. Dancing here has presented me with opportunities such as taking workshops and learning from other Kumu hula, meeting and befriending other hula brothers and sisters, performing at community and private events, competing in various competitions, and by far my favorite: helping teach the liko class. It is such a joy to be able to learn and help cultivate the Hawaiian culture and to express my love for it through hula. Kumu and the leaders' hard work here is truly inspiring and that is what drives me to do and be the best I can. All my fondest memories have been made here or with these people and I can't thank the halau enough for enlightening my life the way it has. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone -- whether you're a newbie or not, I promise you won't regret it! "

 Kat T

"I've been dancing here 11 years! Maybe 12. This dance studio has become my second home and it was one of the greatest decisions I've made in my life. The girls are amazing, the teachers are so helpful, and it is a. Very nurturing environment in which I would love for anyone to be immersed into. I highly recommend dancing here."

Malia B

"Best decision I made this year. The leaders are really understanding toward newcomers with no experience. And the time frame for each class is flexible enough to work around school."

Daniel E

"I've been dancing here at Halau Na Pua Lehua for almost 10 years now! At first I joined to do something for myself and to challenge myself with something new. Little did I imagine my entire family becoming involved in hula, including my 3 daughters and my husband!! It truly is a feeling of Ohana here and I trust my 3 daughters (and hubby) in the care of Kumu Keoni and their fantastic class leaders - Iris, Rho, Linda, and Eilyn . Under their direction, we all have blossomed as hula dancers and as individuals, my girls  have grown in confidence both on and off the stage and have been blessed to be a part of award winning competition teams over the years. "               

                                                                                                                Rachel DCF

"I've been with the halau for a year and half now and I have had fun ever since! I've been dancing on and off since I was 15 and now in my later 30's (YIKES), I've come to appreciate everything I've learned about hula and my own heritage. Moving to the mainland has been quite the experience and being a part of Halau Na Pua Lehua I Ka Ua Noe has really helped me maintain my connection to home and continuing to learn and stay connected to hula has been wonderful! I've also met really amazing people and it truly is ohana when you come to the studio. From the very first day, I felt welcomed and everyone is so encouraging and no matter what your experience level is, there is no judgment by anyone who walks through the halau doors (veteran or not!) which is exactly how it should be. I was very, very rusty and felt nervous the first few weeks, but everyone's heart is in the right place and we are all learning and having fun (mixed with a little bit of discipline of course). I'm glad I found them and that they continue to welcome me every week =)!"

Tressi C

"I have been dancing at this halau for almost 13 years, and I have loved every single moment of it! By joining the halau, I gained more than just knowledge of the Hawaiian culture... I gained a second family. Since the day that I joined, I have been given nothing but love and support from everyone. And even after all these years, I still see and receive the same welcoming feeling being given in abundance at this halau. I can't imagine myself dancing anywhere else."

Akani P

"My 2 boys have been doing hula here for a few months. They love the class. They always look forward to going to hula. The teachers are kind and really patient. Everyone we have met has been welcoming. Great place if you are looking for your kids or yourself.  Key points when looking for activities for my kids:  good group of kids that go there, patient & helpful teachers, reasonable tuition, kids love it, and fun."

Jodi L

"Our family has had such amazing experiences with this Halau led by Kumu Keoni and Aunty Jen.  Our youngest first started as a Liko at the age of 6 and continues to love learning about the Hawaiian Culture.  Our oldest daughter watched her little sister dance in her first recital (Ho'ike) and was inspired to learn.  4 years later both our daughters have integrated the 'Aloha' spirit that they have learned in their everyday life experiences.  They have also made life long friends with their Hula Brothers and Sisters.  If you are looking to join a multiple award winning Halau with amazing teachers this is the place for you."

Divina P

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Hālau Nā Pua Lehua I  Ka Ua Noe

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