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The Hālau

Established in 2003 in Chino Hills, CA  Hālau Nā Pua Lehua I Ka Ua Noe commenced as a nonprofit organization that strives to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture by teaching the philosophy, traditions, language, and history of the Hawaiian people.  In 2018, the halau undergone changes and became a for profit entity with NPL Kako'o maintaining the nonprofit side of the business.

'A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka hālau ho'okāhi

Aside from regularly scheduled classes, Hālau Nā Pua Lehua I Ka Ua Noe  invites Instructors  abroad  in specialized fields, not only limited to hula, to share their knowledge of expertise from their indigenous homeland. This promotes cultural diversity, a trait that enriches our children and our communities.


Because our main focus is Hawaiian culture, we invite students from abroad and from foreign Countries to learn Hula, Hula protocol, and Mo'olelo (stories). Students will appreciate a deeper understanding how native Hawaiians lived, what makes them different from other cultures, their belief systems and their values.


Hālau Nā Pua Lehua I Ka Ua Noe  participates in community  events, festivals,  shows, and private functions.  Aside  from serving our communities,  the group also participates in hula competitions throughout the United States and Hawai'i.


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Hālau Nā Pua Lehua I  Ka Ua Noe

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